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Posted on 28 September 2016

Our Education Team members run internet safety sessions for pupils, parents, carers, and staff members.

We have worked with schools, local authorities, foster parent groups, local police forces and of course children and young people.

What do the visits cover?

At Childnet, we love to promote the positive aspects that the internet and technology has to offer, and at the same time we teach young people about how to safeguard themselves against the dangers online. Our highly engaging and interactive sessions cover the benefits of internet use and address key issues young people face online. These include:

  • Personal information

  • Social networking

  • Downloading

  • Online grooming

  • Sexting

  • Cyberbullying

  • Gaming

  • Digital footprints

  • Online reputation

We don’t necessarily cover all the issues mentioned above in all sessions, we have tailored presentations depending on the age group of the students and the school setting. The aim of our sessions is to give students the information they need in order to be safe online and to leave a positive digital footprint behind.

As a result of the visits

78% of primary pupils are now more confident in knowing what to do if something worries or upsets them online as a result of our sessions

70% of secondary pupils are now more careful about what they put online as a result of our sessions

97% of parents are now feel more confident about online safety after our training

94% of staff say they learnt something new in our sessions 

Booking a visit

To book a visit complete our enquiry form, which will be sent directly to our education team.

You can also email our education team ([email protected]) if you have any specific questions.

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