Two new Guides for parents and carers

Posted on 01 August 2006

Childnet have produced two new guides for parents and carers on ‘Searching the Internet’ and ‘Chatting online’ and child safety .

Choosing a 'good' search provider or a ‘good’ chatroom can be challenging. However, in terms of child safety some service providers are better than others, and these 2 guides, written in the form of a checklist of questions, will help parents to look at which search or chat services adhere to good practice in the area of child safety. The guides also have advice on searching and chatting safely.

Written by Childnet for the UK Home Office, these guides are designed to help parents recognise good practice in order to help them help their children to find 'good' chatrooms and ‘good’ search providers, and find out how to keep safe while chatting or searching online.  

These documents summarise the fuller good practice guidance published by the Home Office Task Force on Child Protection on the Internet, and which can be found at

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