UK Safer Internet Centre Public Report Released

Posted on 05 March 2019


Childnet International is part of the UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC), along with two other leading UK charities - the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL). Co-funded by the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility, UKSIC’s mission is to make the internet a better place for children and young people. As UKSIC embarks on its fifth phase of co-funding from the European Commission, we look back at the achievements of the Centre over the last thirty months in our end-of-phase report.

Read the report here

The UKSIC has three main pillars, an awareness centre, a hotline and a helpline. Together, these functions serve to support young people, parents and carers, and professionals - in the UK and around the world. 

Over the last two and a half years the UKSIC has:

  • Distributed almost two million printed resources
  • Reached 45% of 8-17 year olds and 30% of parents and carers with our Safer Internet Day messages
  • Handled over 400k reports from the public to our hotline, which identifies and removes online images of child sexual abuse
  • Trained 5,500 young people as digital leaders in their school community
  • Delivered over 500 training sessions around the UK for children professionals and parents and carers

The report highlights the progress and achievements that the Centre has made in making the internet a better and safer place for all. As a result of the work of our hotline, child sexual abuse content hosted in the UK has reduced from 18% in 1996 to below 1%. 

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