About Project deSHAME

Project deSHAME is a collaboration between Childnet (UK), Kek Vonal (Hungary), Save the Children (Denmark) and UCLan (UK), co-financed by the EU.

It aims to increase reporting of online sexual harassment among minors and improve multi-sector cooperation in preventing and responding to this behaviour.

Project deSHAME was conceived to address the lack of understanding around technology-facilitated peer-on-peer sexual harassment as well underreporting amongst children when experiencing or witnessing it. The project therefore aimed to increase reporting of online sexual harassment among minors, an emerging area of gendered violence against children, through developing and evaluating youth-led and multi-sector interventions in 3 countries (Denmark, Hungary and UK), and then to transfer this learning throughout Europe. It was key to the project that children’s rights, voice and participation was centred in both the approach and delivery of the project. Since the project began we have carried out the following in the UK, Denmark and Hungary:

  • Published research on peer-based online sexual harassment, defining the issue, outlining behaviours, impact and barriers children have to reporting.
  • Established Advisory Boards in each country including industry, government, teaching unions/staff, police, charities and helplines.
  • Established a Youth Advisory Board of 10 in each country.
  • Developed a practical Campaign Toolkit – ‘Step Up, Speak Up’, which includes education, training and awareness materials for multi-sector prevention and response strategies. High levels of impact demonstrated through piloting resources in schools.
  • Designed innovative youth participation approaches to provide safe and inclusive spaces; facilitate children to form and express their views; and ensure that their views are listened to and acted upon. In all three countries young people have informed and shaped our resources, ensuring that the campaign toolkit and training for professionals truly reflects what they need. One of the that we created with the Youth Advisory Board shows the power and insight young people have.

We have already completed the first stage of the project which looked at the 13-17 age group, teachers and police. The second stage is from August 2019 to December 2020 and will focus on supporting 9-12 year olds and parents and carers.

If you would like to find out more about Project deSHAME please contact the project lead, Maithreyi Rajeshkumar, on [email protected]