Advice and resources

It is essential that we work together to prevent and respond to online sexual harassment.

Created as part of Project deSHAME, the Step Up, Speak Up! includes a range of resources for young people and the professionals who work with them, including teachers, pastoral teams, senior school leadership and police forces.  

Step Up, Speak Up! 

There are a number of other resources and sources of support available:

Get support and advice

If you are concerned about online sexual harassment, you can speak to a trusted adult or one of the helplines below. 

For young people

For teachers, police, social workers and other professionals

For adults

You can find more sources of support about relationship abuse on the Disrespect Nobody site. 

Educational resources

There are a range of resources that can help empower children and young people to use technology safely and positively and to develop healthy relationships both online and offline. 

There are resource collections on the Childnet and UK Safer Internet Centre website. 

Relevant resources include: 

  • Crossing the Line: A practical online safety PSHE toolkit from Childnet with films and lesson plans to explore online issues, including homophobic cyberbullying and sexting, with pupils aged 11-14 years old. 
  • So you got naked online? A guide from the South West Grid for Learning to help young people deal with issues relating to sexting. 
  • CEOP's Thinkuknow resource library: Resources about healthy relationships and sexual explotiation and abuse.
  • Disrespect Nobody: Resources about healthy relationships and relationship abuse
  • Agenda: A young people's guide to making positive relationships matters
  • Stonewall: Resources to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and help create more inclusive spaces
  • Lockers: Resource from the Irish Safer Internet Centre about sexting and consent.