Youth Advisory Board 2017-2019

Project deSHAME has been shaped by young people and key stakeholders.

The project is centred on close collaboration with young people, and the project partners have convened a Youth Advisory Board in each of the three countries who will advise and consult on every stage of the project.

Similarly, to ensure consultation with a wide range of experts, there is also an Expert Advisory Board in each country consisting of industry, teachers, government, police, charities and other key stakeholders.

Meet the UK Youth Advisory Board


"When you make a move, which seems to land you in a messy situation, do not panic we are not here to judge. My passion is to get your voice heard, understood, and considered with all issues concerning online sexual harassment no matter how mild or serve you may view it as. You matter...a lot.”   I live in East London with my mum, dad and two sisters. I hope to inspire positive outcomes in young people and make the world a little better than I came to find it.


Hi! My name is Charlie (my friends call me Chazz) - I live in Nottingham. I applied for this role because I have witnessed the aftermath of sexting, on-line sexual harassment and similar types of harmful behaviour and I want to be a part of helping people get out of these difficult situations and preventing it from happening to others. I enjoy my hobby of performing arts - particularly dancing - and socialising with my friends. 


Hello, my name is Harry and I am 15 years old. I am part of the Childnet youth advisory board and decided to be a part of it to help other people. One of my biggest hobbies is speaking in public, it is fantastic as you can get so many ideas, opinions and facts across with just one voice - whilst also building confidence. Being part of the youth advisory board has opened plenty of opportunity, and I've made many friends along the way! 


Hi everyone! My name is Holly, I’m 15 years old and I live in the South-East England. I absolutely love being a Childnet Youth Ambassador for Project deShame. Being a youth ambassador is important to me because sexual harassment is rarely spoken about, yet it is something that happens so often.  I am extremely passionate about equality and I want the Internet to be a better place for everyone and support different online communities.  I enjoy dance and many other sports, as I love to work in a team. As I have become older I have realised the power of the human voice, and have recently become interested in public speaking, being an ambassador for a charity such as Childnet has given me the amazing opportunity to voice my opinion, and share the opinions of many other teenagers, which is something I have wanted to do since learning about topics such as online sexual harassment and discrimination.


My name is Ishaa and I am 15 years old. I applied to be a Youth Advisory Board Ambassador because I wanted to make a difference nationally, which is something new for me. Topics I'm passionate about include Fairtrade products, human rights, climate change andonline sexual harassment. I love planning campaigns and organising assemblies at my school. I think online sexual harassment is wrong and many young people don't realise it- that's why we have the Board!


My name is Leah. I’ve been living with my foster family for 7 years and I have a brother called Tony who can be really silly. I love going fishing, playing golf and computer games. I’m really good when working with computers. I hope to make friends and help lots of other people.


Hi, I’m Lillie! I wanted to join the YAB because I recognised that nobody talked about online sexual harassment despite it being a major issue. By being a representative, I have the opportunity to make change and abolish the stigma surrounding these problems. I can’t wait to see how our work makes a difference! 


I became a Childnet youth Ambassador in June 2017 as a member of the Youth Advisory Board of Project deSHAME. I’m chair of the school debating society, and for many years I have been a corporal at St John Ambulance Cadets, planning lessons and taking cadets out on duty to practice first aid. My work during the National Enterprise Challenge lead me to receive the award of ‘Most Enterprising Boy of 2015’ from the entrepreneur Theo Paphitis from Drangons' Den, where my skills were measured against 300,000 people. I enjoy public speaking and essay writing and have been involved in many national and international competitions. I enjoy sports and is a member of my local Athletics and Basketball clubs.


My name is Reece. I am a cadet with Northumbria Police working in the Sunderland area. I am very passionate about online safety with children and strangers and it is something that I would like to help change. It is through my two roles, the first being a police cadet and the second in my role on the youth board, that I hope to help make that change. 


I’m Sophie, a sixth form student in Hull, and a fully qualified swimming teacher, working with children of all ages. Due to this, as well as from experience, tackling the issues relating to child sexual harassment online is ever more important to me. Thusly, I joined the Child Net Youth Ambassador’s board for Project deSHAME in order to be a voice for the young people who are most often ignored,but are the ones actually affected.