Youth Advisory Board 2019-2020

Project deSHAME is shaped by young people and key stakeholders.

The project is centred on close collaboration with young people, and the project partners have convened a Youth Advisory Board in each of the three countries who will advise and consult on every stage of the project.

Similarly, to ensure consultation with a wide range of experts, there is also an Expert Advisory Board in each country consisting of industry, teachers, government, police, charities and other key stakeholders.

Hear members of the Youth Advisory Board talk about the issue of online sexual harassment and the work they did as part of deSHAME Project.

Meet the UK Youth Advisory Board


Hi, my name is Anisa and I am currently 15 years old studying for my upcoming GCSE’s. I’m pretty much your typical girl who loves to laugh, and gets on with everyone. I decided to apply to join the Youth Board as a way to not only help support young people in a positive manner, but also meet new people and make new friends. Being part of the deSHAME project is not only an amazing opportunity; it also helps raise awareness of a topic often not talked about. Sexual harassment is more common than it seems and this project helps raise awareness of the issue and how to deal with it too.


My name is Christopher, I’m from the Northern Irish countryside. Ask me anything about video games, I’ll probably know the answer, I’m not great with talking to people but I always try to get my ideas across. I enjoy playing video games in my spare time and I love working with computers. I applied to join the Youth Board as I want to make the online environment a more welcoming experience for everyone.


Hi, I'm Connie. I joined Project deSHAME because I am passionate about women's rights and LGBTI rights.  I have witnessed too many young people suffer bullying, harassment and intimidation online and I want to play an active role in combating it. In my spare time, I am an active member of my local youth theatre and play netball for a local club. 


Hi, my name is Daniel. I applied for the role as I am very supportive of positive outcomes and solutions. I also want to address how important it is to stay safe online! I am very eccentric, organised, good at timekeeping and very energetic (I'm also very ‘full on'). I am a school prefect so I enforce anti-bullying and also support those who are being bullied. Outside of school I attend a local drama school and air cadets. I think it is important to address online sexual harassment and help to prevent people being victims of online sexual harassment. I’m very passionate about staying safe online, I use the internet a lot and I have witnessed terrible things happen - I would love to be a part of solving the problems and finding solutions.


Hi everyone! My name is Eshal and I'm 14. I live in London. I enjoy playing the guitar and piano, wasting time on my phone and being with my friends. I'm really passionate about my music and career aspirations, I want to become a human rights lawyer. I joined the Youth Board so I could meet new people and make a difference, and safe to say both of those objectives have been achieved! I've made some lifelong friends on the Youth Board and my ideas were taken on board by Childnet. I'm super grateful to be involved in this project!


My name is Jack and I live in Surrey. I applied to the Youth Board because I actually wanted to do something to make a change instead of sitting idle and letting someone else do it. I believe that everyone has the opportunity to do something about the problems in our world and whether they take that chance is completely up to them.


Hello! I am Miriam, 15 years old and passionate for making the internet a safer place. I believe that sexual harassment online is severely overlooked, so I am delighted to be part of the Youth Advisory Board! In terms of my interests, I have a plethora (but I don’t want to keep you all day)! My main interest, and dream in the future, is to become a neurosurgeon. Medicine,and the brain specifically, really interest me, and so I would like to channel that interest by helping others. I can’t wait to make an impact online and help many people across the UK!


Hi, I’m Niah, I’m 15 and I live near Brighton. In my spare time, I love doing musical theatre and I am very passionate about advocating for all sorts of issues – feminism, LGBT, body positivity, and much more. I applied to join the Youth Advisory Board because of my interest in redefining social media and making the online space more positive, as well my interest in how we, as young people, can make a difference and work hand-in-hand with adults to make it happen. I’m excited to take on the role and get young voices heard!


My name is Ruqayyah and I live in Kent. I enjoy reading true crime cases, reading Greek mythology and listening to various artists from the 80’s like Queen and Bon Jovi and I also enjoy listening to Afro beats music. I joined the Youth Advisory Board because I wanted to make a difference to young people’s lives and help guide them on how to keep safe online.