Thrive Online

Empowering young people with SEND to build happy and healthy online relationships.


Childnet are happy to announce that we are in the early stages of a two-year project, supported by Thrive Online is designed to support young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in managing and making the most of their lives and relationships online.

We recognise that young people with SEND are often not included in online safety conversations and at Childnet we want to ensure that all young people are equipped with the skills, confidence and support to thrive online. 

We want all young people to enjoy positive online experiences, and we know that young people with SEND require tailor made support to help them manage these online experiences. At Childnet we also recognise that there is a need for educators, parents and carers to have the necessary guidance to support young people with SEND online.

Thrive Online will provide free resources for parents, carers, and educators, alongside brand new modules on the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. 

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