Worried about how long your child is gaming for?

Online games and apps can have educational benefits, and be used, for example, to develop problem-solving, team-working skills and understanding. However, prolonged use of technology could interfer with a young person's social interactions, school work, family life and sleep. 

Sometimes the overuse of technology is referred to as an addiction but this isn't always the best way to describe and address the problem. When we are talking about young people's over use of gaming, most of the time this is referring to compulsive behaviours or lack of a routine. 

When it comes to using technology and the internet it all comes down to quality and not quantity, meaning that we should focus on making our use purposeful, and strike a healthy balance between online and offline experiences. It is important to support young people in setting time limits and managing how long they spend online as well as modelling responsible use of technology for yourself. 

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