Jargon buster


Short for 'web log', a diary or journal published on the internet. Blogs are often used to post links to files, which may be illegal copies of music, films or other entertainment.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organisation offering free, easy-to-use copyright licenses that provide a simple, standardised way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work. This works alongside copyright and enables you to modify your copyright terms to best suit your needs.


A service for storing large quantities of files on the internet. Frequently used for sharing music, film and TV illegally.


Copying or transferring files (music tracks, films and TV programmes) from another computer or the internet to your own computer.


Allowing others, who you may not know, to access information on your computer via the internet, including music, film and personal files.


A way of restricting access to certain content, websites or functions online.

IP address

Short for internet protocol, a number - similar to a telephone number - that can be used to identify the account holder of a computer at a particular point in time when it is connected to the internet.


An internet service provider. A company that supplies a connection, enabling access to the internet.


Bad software. Programs that damage your computer (viruses), steal your personal information (spyware), display unwanted adverts (adware) or expose your computer to hackers (Trojan horses).

Peer-to-peer (P2P)

A popular method of exchanging music, film or TV files directly from one or more computers to another without it passing through a central point.


Making a digital copy of music or a film or video from a CD / DVD to a file, typically so it can be transferred to and played on a computer or portable media player like an iPod.


A device used to connect computers to the internet.


A malicious program installed on a computer without the user’s knowledge, typically used to report information about the user and his or her activities online.


Short for 'service set identifier', a name or phrase that identifies an individual wireless router.


Transmitting music, film or TV over the internet in real time so it can be played on a computer or media player but is not stored on the device.


Transferring content that is being streamed and saving it to your computer so that it is available for you to access it as and when you please.


Making available files stored on your computer or device to other computers via the internet, or storage services such as cyberlockers.


A malicious program that can 'infect' computers, replicate itself and disrupt normal functioning.


A way of transmitting computer data through the air, without wires, using radio waves.


Short for WiFi protected access, a security setting for wireless computers and devices.