Where can I find music, film and TV content online?

There are a wide choice of sites where you can purchase, download or stream music, film or TV content safely and legally. Many of these services are free and offer a wide variety of ways to discover and buy or listen to music and can be used on lots of different devices including mobile phones. 

Find music

Whether you want to listen to music for free, purchase a download or subscribe to a music service, a full list of legal music services can be found at Music Matters and Pro Music.

Find film and TV

If you’re looking for film, Find Any Film is a great place to start. It is a search-engine that is a gateway to legal versions of film, in whatever form you want to watch them in. There’s also a comprehensive list of links to legal film and TV services at The Industry Trust. Additionally, the BBFC provides information on every film given an age rating in the UK. You can check whether a film has an appropriate age rating and read the BBFC insight section to find out more about why it got the rating it did, before showing a film to children or young people.

Another useful resource is The Content Map, which is a directory of legal sites for film, TV, music, games, ebooks and sports events. The site has a built in search function so you can check URLs to see if they are listed or not for added peace of mind. The list is as comprehensive as possible. If a website or service is listed on the Map, you can be confident it is legal.