How to make a report

Reporting advice for adults and young people. Most services have rules about what kind of content is allowed on the site. Often if something is harassing an individual, pornographic or violent it breaks the rules. You can report this kind of content using the reporting tools on the sites. 

Follow the links to find out how to report:

Is there anywhere else I can report?

You can also report to the police and other bodies that regulate content on the internet:

  • If you are suspicious about someone's behaviour towards a child report to CEOP
  • If you see any content that incites hatred you should report to True Vision
  • If you want to make a complaint about an advert, television or radio programme, film, newspaper, magazine, video game or other type of content that you think is unsuitable for children to see or hear, you can find out more about how to do this through Ofcom.
  • If you want to make a complaint about an online advertisement then you can report this to The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).
  • If you want to report the content of an online game then you can report this to The Video Standards Council (VSC).
  • If you’d like free advice and tips for staying in control of your mobile phone costs, visit the PhoneBrain website, a campaign aimed at young people run by the premium rate phone services regulator PhonepayPlus.
  • If you have been ‘scammed, ripped off or conned’ you can report to Action Fraud, or on 0300 1232040. This service is run by the National Fraud Authority, the UK’s government agency that helps coordinate the fight against fraud.