"Back me up"

Back me up

This film includes closed caption subtitles. Press the CC button on the film to toggle subtitles on and off.

Alternatively you can download a copy of the film with subtitles embedded here.

A film about peer pressure

Although it is unclear why, this film starts with Jack being called to speak with the Head of Pastoral Care. Seen through a series of flashbacks, it becomes obvious that he may be implicated in hurtful online behaviour against someone in school. Although Jack is uncomfortable, his friend, Charlie, puts pressure on him to join in the cyberbullying, saying ‘it’s just a joke’. Charlie sets up an anonymous ‘secrets of the school’ site where he and his friends post gossip and mean comments about others. Charlie, worried that the school is now aware of what has transpired, asks Jack to ‘back him up’ so that he isn’t caught. We also see the friends of the cyberbullying target, Jason, speak about how best to support him. Some would like to stand up for him whereas others feel pressure to say nothing.

Key issues: bystanders, peer pressure, what is a good friend?