"Just send it"

Just send it

This film includes closed caption subtitles. Press the CC button on the film to toggle subtitles on and off.

Alternatively you can download a copy of the film with subtitles embedded here.

A film about the consequences of sexting 

Abi and her friends love to live their lives online; sharing top tips, fashion ideas and fun stories. When her online comments catch the attention of Josh, a boy well known in the school, she is excited. As friendship grows and their like for each other develops, it’s not long before Josh’s friend encourages him to pressurise Abi to send a nude selfie. She’s not keen to do this and seeks the advice of her friends. Mixed opinion and increasing pressure from Josh soon encourage her to change her mind to take the photo. Although Josh intends to delete the photo, his friend Brandon, intercepts the picture and sends it on to others online, which causes much distress for Abi.

Key issues: healthy relationships, the law, peer pressure, consequences of sexting