Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day will be on the 9th February 2021

Safer Internet Day 2021 will be celebrated in the UK with the theme: 

An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world

This year in the UK, Safer Internet Day explores reliability online. The internet has an amazing range of information and opportunities online, but how do we separate fact from fiction?

Safer Internet Day will be celebrated globally with the slogan: Together for a better internet. 

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Safer Internet Day 2021

Safer Internet Day 2021 celebrates the amazing range of information and opportunities online, and its potential to inform, connect and inspire us, whilst also looking at how young people can separate fact from fiction.

The campaign focuses on how we can decide what to trust online, supporting young people to question, challenge and change the online world for the better. It will explore how influence, persuasion and manipulation can impact young people’s decisions, opinions and what they share online.

The day will also look at the emotional impact navigating a misleading online world can have on young people and why it is important to create a supportive, critical and questioning culture online that encourages debate and discussion. We want to give young people the skills to support one another, and the strategies to spot and speak out against harmful and misleading content online.

Things you can do: 

  • Register as a Safer Internet Day Supporter.
    Last year over 1,700 organisations registered as Supporters and we know we can reach even more young people than ever if more organisations get involved, so please register your organisation! If you need inspiration, you can see what plans others have on the Supporters map.
  • Take a look at our top tips.
    For Safer Internet Day 2021 we have launched top tips tailor-made to cover the issue of reliability and trust online. These include tips for use with ages 3-7ages 7-11ages 11-18, as well as advice for parents and carers
  • Download our free Education Resources 
    We have created a range of activities, presentations and films which can be used with young people aged 3-18. These include resources for parents which may be of use to your employees. There are conversation starters, quick activities, and a family internet safety plan to help you make the most of Safer Internet Day.
  • Talk to other organisations about Safer Internet Day!
    Encourage them to register as a supporter and get involved in the day.
  • Get involved on social media
    Make sure you get involved in the conversation using #SaferInternetDay and #AnInternetWeTrust. We will also be launching a social media pack full of tweets, text, and graphics you can use to support the day, so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

What is Safer Internet Day?

Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally in February each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people and inspire a national conversation.

The campaign sees over 1,700 organisations unite to raise awareness of online safety issues and run events and activities right across the UK. 

Globally, Safer Internet Day is celebrated in over a hundred countries, coordinated by the joint Insafe/INHOPE network, with the support of the European Commission, and national Safer Internet Centres across Europe.

It calls upon young people, parents, carers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, companies, policymakers, and wider, to join together in helping to create a better internet. Get involved to play your part! 

Check out resources from previous years:

Each year the UK focuses on a different topic which is designed to reflect the current issues facing young people online as well as tackling emerging trends.

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