Staff Led Parent Online Safety Presentation

This online safety presentation for parents is designed to be delivered by the online safety lead, or designated staff member, in your school, organisation or child care setting.

Online safety is a whole community issue and this presentation is designed to improve parents' knowledge and understanding of the risks their child may face online. It also provides practical strategies and advice to help parents support their child online and signposts to further resources and reporting sites which may be of use.

To deliver this presentation, print and read the delivery instructions in advance and familiarise yourself with the content and timings of the Prezi. The Prezi is embedded into this page and just needs to be played. You can advance the slides at any time. All supporting resources are provided.

The presentation is flexible and the direction of discussion can be guided by the staff member delivering it, the audience in attendance and pertinent current issues.

Time needed: 1 hour.