STAR Films

Four animated learning films to support and reinforce the key messages from the teaching toolkit.

Each film contains:

 A short 2-3 minute animated film covering issues related to each section of the toolkit

 A pause function to prompt discussion

 Guidance notes for educators with discussion questions and supporting notes

 Optional extended discussion questions and additional activities

More about the films:

  • Who are the films for? Open or Close

    These films have been made to use with young people with SEND in Key Stage 3 & 4. Just like the toolkit, these films have been designed for educators to adapt and suit the needs of their group. However, since the content features the use of social media, these films are not a recommended resource for anyone under the age of 13.

  • Do they have to be used as part of the toolkit? Open or Close

    No. They can be used as a final learning activity to support the work already covered from the toolkit or independently. It’s up to you.

  • How do they work? Open or Close

    Each film contains a ‘pause’ frame, which is the facilitators prompt to pause the action and open the discussion. Through guided questions, young people will get to help the characters and decide what they should do next. Facilitators then play out the rest of the film to demonstrate the best course of action.

  • What do the films cover? Open or Close

    Each film takes a core message from each section of the STAR toolkit. Whilst the film focuses on one area, the discussion questions aim to open a broader discussion.

    S – Safe 

    Looks at how to be safe with what you share about yourself and others online.

    T – Trust

    Explores trust online and the trustworthiness of people online.

    A – Action

    What to do if you see something inappropriate online.

    R – Respect

    Highlights the importance to always be an upstander, especially if you see someone being cyberbullied online.

  • What will young people learn from watching the films? Open or Close

    Through guided discussion, young people will learn to develop and form their own strategies to help keep them safe and responsible online. There are also additional discussion questions and activities to further explore each topic.

  • Are the films subtitled? Open or Close

    Yes. You have the option to view with or without subtitles.

  • What if I’m concerned about something a young person tells me? Open or Close

    If a child in your care discloses something to you about something they have experienced online, refer to the reporting procedures that you would use for any safeguarding incident, for example, reporting to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). Our help page has more advice.

Watch each film here: