This film is one of four, designed to support and reinforce the key messages from the STAR SEND Toolkit. 

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    This film explores the trustworthiness of people online. Using a multi-player gaming scenario, we see what happens to top gamer Aisha when someone she has met on the game asks to meet up. Our key message is for young people to realise they should always tell a trusted adult if someone they only know online ever asks for personal information or to meet up offline.

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    This film works best when facilitated by a teacher or educator. 

    You may wish to download the guidance document for this film first.

    1. Play the film and pause at the indicated point.
    2. Discuss the events of the film and what should/could happen next. 
    3. Play the remainder of the film.
    4. Discuss the outcome.

    Suggested discussion questions are given in the film guidance document.

This film features:



Download the guidance document accompanying this film:

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