Supporting LGBT children online

We have partnered with Stonewall to produce this resource for professionals to support LGBT children online.

The internet offers LGBT children and young people a sense of belonging, community and support as well as providing new ways to create, entertain, express themselves, find allies and be activists.

All young people’s experiences are unique, and it’s important that as professionals supporting children, we also understand and appreciate the specific risks and challenges that may arise. LGBT children have the right to feel safe, protected and happy online, and schools play an important role in supporting and safeguarding them.

We hope that this guide will support professionals to develop practical strategies to best support all their pupils online, including those who identify as LGBT.

What does this guide cover?

  • What LGBT young people experience online
  • Best practice in schools and colleges with regards to online safety for your whole school community
  • Top tips for young people
  • Engaging parents and carers including a handout
  • Responding if things go wrong
  • Further resources and places for support

Download the guide here.