Working with children and young people online

We have created a practical guide for organisations working with children and young people online. 

The National Lottery Heritage Fund commissioned us to write this guide to support heritage organisations who have had to adapt to work with children and young people online. 

We surveyed over 80 organisations to find out what they needed more support on, what challenges they faced, as well as best practice.  

What does this guide cover?

This practical guide will focus on the issues that organisations told us they needed the most support on. These include:

  • the key risks children and young people face online  
  • policies organisations should consider and practical ways to apply them
  • what to consider when using social media
  • hosting live online events
  • creating and sharing images and videos involving children
  • responding to online safeguarding concerns

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for any organisation working with children and young people in the UK. It is available in English and Welsh.

Whilst we focus on heritage organisations, youth groups, arts and community-based organisation will also find it useful. We heard from organisations as small as two people to much larger, established ones and so we have created a guide where everyone can adapt and tailor to their own setting.


Why use this guide?

Engaging audiences online can make our work more inclusive and accessible to a wider range of people, including children and young people. We hope this guide will help you have a strong online safety foundation in order so that arts, heritage and community organisations can do what they do best - be adventurous and creative in reaching and engaging audiences.