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The Childnet education visits provide interactive, discussion-based sessions for young people, as well as parents, carers, and educators.

From September, our Education Officers will be delivering both in person and virtual visits covering the key online safety messages for all ages.

To make a booking please complete our online enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch! 

Latest Availability

  • Best availability from April 2022 onwards for online, pre-records and in-person sessions.

Find out more about our standard sessions by clicking in the boxes below:

  • 3 – 7 year olds in Nursery, EYFS and KS1 Open or Close

    A shorter session for younger children lasting between 30 and 45 minutes. Our Education Officers tell the story of Salma the Seal and ensure key messages are embedded through a repeated short song and accompanying actions.

    This content is designed to be used alongside our popular Smartie the Penguin resources.

  • 7 - 11 year olds in KS2 Open or Close

    Scenario and discussion based assembly style workshops tailored for either the 7-9 or 9-11 year old age group.

    Both sessions include key messages around online friendships, gaming, videos, personal information, trust, bullying and grooming, and can be tailored to incorporate key issues for your setting.

  • 11- 16 year olds in KS3 and KS4 Open or Close

    Our secondary sessions are tailored for each year group and use realistic examples, video content and discussion to deliver key messages on relevant, topical and engaging issues.

    Our Education Officers are confident in speaking on a range of issues including fake news & misinformation, online relationships, sexting, and more, meaning these sessions can easily be adapted to incorporate key issues for your setting.

  • 16 – 18 year olds in Further Education Open or Close

    Designed specifically with older students in mind, these sessions look at the power of the internet and tackle some of the big issues facing us all online. From online sexual harassment to data and privacy, these ‘meatier’ topics are designed to get young people thinking, whilst delivering practical advice without being patronising.

  • Parent and Carer Sessions Open or Close

    Our informative and empowering sessions for parents and carers equip them with practical advice and resources to help support their children in a digital age. Our Education Officers offer a friendly and reassuring face to help guide parents through risks such as grooming, bullying, fake news and sexting, whilst signposting them to invaluable tools for reporting, setting up parental controls and establishing a dialogue about online safety at home.

  • Staff Training Open or Close

    As online safety experts with a background in education all our presenters are ideally placed to support you with up-to-date staff training. Highlighting key research and emerging trends, our session delves into preventative education before focussing on statutory safeguarding requirements. We know how busy all teachers are, so work hard to make our sessions practical, engaging and informative.

How much does a Childnet Education Visit cost?

Our pricing structure for schools is shown below.


Single session   £300 + VAT
Half Day (2 x session)   £350 + VAT
3 x sessions   £550 + VAT
Full Day (4 x session)   £700 + VAT
Full Day with additional session for staff or parents         £900 + VAT


Please note: At Childnet we never want cost to be a barrier preventing young people from accessing important online safety messages. If your school is interested in booking a visit, but working with a limited budget, please get in touch and we will work hard to find a way to work with you.


  • Do you offer online sessions? Open or Close

    We are really excited to be able to offer the full range of our standard sessions, now delivered online including:

    • Live and pre-recorded Parent/Carer Sessions
    • Live and pre-recorded Staff Training Sessions
    • Pre-recorded sessions for 3-11 year olds with interactive elements
    • Pre-recorded sessions for 11-18 year olds with the option to personalise the content based on a short survey completed with your pupils.
  • Do you offer bespoke sessions? Open or Close

    Absolutely! We understand that every school or community is different, and are very happy to take into consideration the particular needs of your setting. We can also offer entirely bespoke sessions, although this may increase the cost.

    If you require something different in terms of the content or timings of the session, please make this known on the booking enquiry form under ‘Additional needs.’ You can also contact us directly by email at [email protected].

  • How many people can attend your sessions? Open or Close

    Our maximum size for pupil sessions is 120, however we recommend keeping sessions as small as possible to ensure maximum engagement and interactivity.

    We do not have a maximum audience size for staff or parent and carers sessions, but we provide 50 sets of resources within the cost of the visit. Let us know if you'd like to purchase more.

  • What does the price include? Open or Close

    The cost of each session includes the delivery of the presentation, minor adaptations to suit your school or setting and copies of accompanying resources. Please note that for sessions for parents and carers or staff we provide 50 sets of resources within the cost of the visit. Let us know if you'd like to purchase more.

    Prices do not include VAT and our presenter's expenses (e.g. travel costs).

  • How far can you travel? Open or Close

    All our presenters are based in and around London but we are very happy to travel far and wide to reach you! We travel using public transport where possible, and our travel expenses are charged as an additional cost.

    Please note that for schools over 1.5 hours travel from London, we may need to ask to include an overnight stay in our expenses.

  • Are school staff required to supervise your sessions? Open or Close

    Please be aware that our Childnet visits are unregulated activity so should be supervised by school staff. We understand that some schools may have additional requirements which we encourage you to share with us at the point of booking. 

  • How will you use my data from the enquiry form? Open or Close

    We require some contact details in order to process a school visit enquiry. We take the protection of your personal data seriously, and will only use the data for the purposes of the enquiry and coordinating any subsequent visit. We will hold the data only for as long as it is needed, see our privacy policy for more detail.

  • What is your safeguarding policy? Open or Close

    At Childnet we are committed to the highest standards of child protection, safeguarding and promoting children’s rights.

    All of our presenters hold current DBS certificates, obtained by Childnet International, and receive regular Child Protection training. Prior to your visit our office will be in touch to provide you with a letter confirming the DBS certificate number, date obtained and position held of the presenter/s who will be visiting your school. Please be aware that our Childnet visits are unregulated activity so should be supervised by school staff. 

    To read more about our commitment to safeguarding and to view our safeguarding policy, please click here.