For you as a professional

There are many resources that have been designed to help ensure that as a professional you correctly manage online safety procedures and considerations.

We have worked with teachers and professionals, and those in industry and teaching unions, to develop a series of checklists to help you manage your personal and professional uses of technology and the internet as well as your school's use of social media.

Our Social Media Guide for Teachers and Support Staff contains information about your own use of social networking sites, to help you get the best out of these services and ensure that your professional identity is properly protected.

The UK Safer Internet Centre and LGFL have produced guidance for managing your school's online reputation full of practical steps to take and tips for effective use of a website and social media platforms. 

For help and support when using technology with young people, see our Teachers and Technology Checklist, which covers issues such as school policies, guidelines for using images of young people, using personal and work devices, things to be aware of when using technology and social media safely offsite.