Talking to young children about online safety

Talking to children about online safety is essential because many of them will be using a wide range of technologies in their home environments, even before they start school. Technology is becoming an integral part of children’s lives; it entertains them, engages them and motivates them.

Top tips for talking to young children about technology and online safety:

Try to share your pupils' enthusiasm and talk to them about what they like to do online. Find out what their favourite devices, services and apps are and how they are using them.

Technology can form the basis of many lessons across the curriculum and is not limited to Computing only. Try to find innovative ways to bring technology into your activities, to enhance your children's learning experiences. See our Teachers and Technology checklist for further guidance. 

Safety advice for younger children must be age appropriate, simple and understandable.You know your pupils better than anyone else. Establishing the right pitch from the outset is essential so that children are not unnecessarily scared or confused.

Visit our resource bank to explore the internet safety lesson plans, ideas and resources that we have created for use with young children, specifically Digiduck’s Big Decision, The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin, and Captain Kara and the SMART Crew

Have you used technology in an inspiring way?

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