Our work in schools

Working directly with young people across the UK is a vital part of Childnet’s work.

We want to support schools to ensure that all children are educated about online safety in a way that is:

  • Up-to-date

  • Relevant to their experiences; and

  • Empowering.

Education Sessions & Visits


Childnet Staff working directly with young people


Our busy Education Team typically visit up to 8 schools a week, delivering sessions for children and young people aged 3 – 18 years old, as well as information sessions for parents and carers, and staff training.

“Working directly with young people is exciting and inspiring. The online world is a central part of nearly all young people’s lives, and we know that they are passionate about and engaged with what the future of the internet should look like.”

- Childnet Education Officer




The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme

Childnet Staff working directly with young people



We also run the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. Schools can subscribe to our fun, educational online platform which empowers and trains children and young people to educate their peers, parents and teachers about staying safe online.

The programme aims to make online safety learning fun and effective and helps schools work towards an outstanding whole school community approach to online safety. 

We firmly believe that youth voice - hearing about young people’s experiences from young people - helps us stay informed and ensures that all our work is the best it can be.

Want Childnet to work with your school?