Fabian Godfrey

School Relations Officer

Fabian joined the Childnet team in June 2019. Fabian previously worked in a phone shop, has been a Young Scout Leader and has coached U13s football.

Fabian is a keen footballer and loves going to see his beloved Arsenal. He is also passionate about exploring new cultures and has volunteered at a cheetah sanctuary in South Africa and Namibia in the past. Fabian has grown up in the Internet Age and has seen first-hand what effects the online world can have on people, both positive and negative. This personal level of experience has encouraged him to put all his efforts into making the Internet not only an enjoyable environment for young people, but also a secure and constructive one.

My top online safety tip: 

Anything you say or do online should be treated the same as if you were saying or doing the same thing in the real world. Not only do your actions have an impact on the person or people at the other end, but it leaves an indelible imprint of your personality, however accurate you believe that version of yourself to be.