Phoebe Moriarty Roberts

Assistant Education Manager

Phoebe joined the Childnet team as Education Officer in November 2017 from her role as a primary and secondary school youth worker chaplain. She is passionate about giving young people a voice and enabling them to make positive choices in life.

After gaining a BA (Hons) degree from The University of Manchester in Applied Youth and Community Work Studies, Phoebe has worked in both formal and informal educational settings in schools and youth work charities. Her work has emphasised safeguarding, cross-cultural youth work, and pastoral care, and she is excited to help young people discover how technology and the internet can be harnessed for good.


My top online safety tip: 

Remember that you are in control of your online activity, it’s not in control of you! If you ever feel uneasy online there are lots of things you can do to help but most importantly share how you are feeling with someone you trust.

My recommended resources: