There are many great ways of downloading and accessing music, film, TV and video safely and legally online. This advice page aims to inform you about staying safe and legal while enjoying entertainment online or via your mobile device.

Did you know?

Using illegal sites and file-sharing programmes can be risky

Using illegal file sharing programmes exposes users to the risk of unwelcome content such as viruses, violent images and pornography. File sharing software can also compromise your privacy and security by opening up your computer and sharing what’s stored with the outside world.

You could be breaking the law and face consequences

Copyright law applies to downloading, sharing and streaming just like the real world of physical CDs and DVDs. If you make music, film or TV content available to others on a file-sharing network, download from an illegal site, or sell copies without the permission of those who own the copyright, then you could face serious penalties.

Using legal sites rewards creators for their work

Copyright laws protect those who work in the creative industries and allows them to be rewarded fairly and to continue to create the music, film and TV programmes we all enjoy so much.

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    Are there penalties for illegally sharing films, music and other entertainment on the internet?

    Yes, there are potentially very serious penalties for those illegally sharing film music, TV and video. This is covered by civil law in the UK and may also in some circumstances be a crime. People who choose to download illegally could face legal action resulting in damages and payment of costs.

    How do they find out if people are illegally file-sharing?

    Generally, those file-sharing do so on public networks. Every device connecting to the internet is assigned (usually by their Internet Service Provider or ISP) a unique number known as an IP address. Details of this unique number as well as data showing the material used illegally can be easily obtained from such services.

    Music, TV and film companies can get a court order that requires the ISPs to disclose customer details that identify infringers.

    Apart from infringing copyright, what are the other risks?

    Illegal file sharing programmes and websites can pose a greater risk to your computer or mobile device than legitimate websites. Alongside media files, users often unintentionally download viruses and spyware. They can also inadvertently share personal computer files with other users. Also, some files are deliberately misnamed on file-sharing and peer to peer networks to trick people into downloading them.

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    There are a wide range of legal sites where you can download or stream music, film and TV content. Some are online stores where you can buy and download tracks, albums, TV shows, videos or films to play on your computer or mobile device. Other services charge a monthly subscription fee and let you stream from the internet at any time. Some services provide access to content for free, supported by advertising.

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