Premium Rate Content

There are so many great downloads and apps for your mobile phone – and best of all, so many of them are free!

But remember to be careful! Some apps require you to pay for new features or levels later on, even if downloading the program itself was free. This is called in-app purchasing, and even if the amount seems small, you can run up a large bill before you even realise. For example, some games will give you a certain number of free lives but then charge you to top up with more if you want to continue straight away – and if you’re desperate to get past a particularly fiendish level, you might not want to wait! 

Did you know that many services that let you download ring tones or videos don’t just charge you that one time, but actually sign you up to a subscription? You could be paying out again and again without even realising.

Tips for avoiding unwanted charges

  1. Think before you click! It is important to know what the terms and conditions of the services that you are using are and what you are signing up to.
  2. Can you see a price? If you have to pay for a service, the price should always be stated before you take any action that will charge you. Don't forget your phone network may add their own cost on top, so be aware of this. 
  3. Don’t type your number into a website unless you’re sure it’s trustworthy – your number could be used to pay for unwanted services. If the prize on offer seems too good to be true – it probably is! 
  4. Make sure you check with the bill payer before buying anything or calling a premium-rate number.


You can find out more advice and information about how to avoid unwanted charges at PhoneBrain, a site designed to help you stay in control of your mobile phone costs.  You can also visit our app page for more advice and information on apps.