Charlie joins the Childnet team for work experience

Posted on 16 July 2018

Charlie, a member of the Childnet Youth Advisory Board joined Childnet last week as part of his work experience placement. He wrote this guest blog about his time on work experience and what he learnt from working with Childnet.

Hi my name is Charlie,

And I have just had the most amazing work experience week here at Childnet.  Everyone was so welcoming to me when I first came into the office.

The reason I chose to come to Childnet for work experience is because I wanted to see the time and effort needed to pull of such amazing things and events. And clearly after being here a week the amount of work that every person in Childnet office is amazing and truly inspiring.

My link that I already have with Childnet before coming for my work experience is that I am a Youth Advisory Board member for Project deSHAME. Being a part of Childnet and the youth board has given such amazing opportunities, for example, being the host of Safer Internet Day 2018 which was spectacular to be a part of such a big event. It is also so good that I know that I am helping with online issues with Childnet.

What I have learnt from my week here at Childnet is that a lot of hard work is needed to be able to succeed as a charity. And that every single person in Childnet’s work force has an inspiring passion to tackle the problems of the internet head on.

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