New Staff Led Online Safety Presentation for Parents and Carers

Posted on 13 April 2018

Teachers and professionals can now access our new Staff Led Parent Online Safety Presentation. This presentation is designed for staff members in your school to deliver to parents and carers to educate them about online safety issues.


Online safety is a whole community issue and at Childnet we’re always pleased to hear from schools and other settings who are looking to engage parents and carers in this area.

Our Education team have designed this presentation to be delivered in your school to engage parents and carers in issues around online safety.

This presentation is free to use and has been designed to be delivered by the online safety lead, or designated staff member, in your school, organisation or child care setting. This presentation is designed to accompany the leaflets and other free resources we have produced to support parents


What issues are covered?

The presentation slides, which can be run from the Childnet website, offer an outline of the following areas:

1)      Key online safety risks including grooming, cyberbullying and sexting.

2)      Practical advice and strategies to support parents.

3)      Useful resources and helplines.

4)      Where to report inappropriate content and specific online safety concerns.

5)      Conversation starters to get families talking about online safety.

The presentation is intended to be a starting point for your school or setting to then share further details on the areas you deem most relevant to parents.

You could use the session to respond to a particular issue which has arisen in school or you might prefer to use this opportunity to give parents an overview of online safety, particularly in the final term before the long summer break!

However you choose to use the slides, don’t forget to read through the delivery instructions in advance of your session and familiarise yourself with the signposted resources.


Want to book a Childnet visit?

If you’d rather have an expert come in to speak to parents, why not consider booking a Childnet visit?

At Childnet our Education Team are specially trained to deliver online safety sessions to young people, parents and carers, and all members of the children’s workforce. All our sessions have been specifically tailored to meet the needs of the audience and we’re very used to answering on-the-spot questions too!


Resolving issues arising from online safety sessions

Please remember to follow your school or setting’s safeguarding procedures if any issues arise as a result of this or any other online safety session.

If you need specific guidance regarding an online safety issue, then any member of the children’s workforce can contact the Professionals Online Safety Helpline. The helpline provides support for all professionals working with children and young people in the UK with any online safety issues they may face themselves, or with children in their care. They work directly with a number of industry partners to resolve more complex issues and operate primarily as a signposting, advice and mediation service.

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