Digiduck and the Magic Castle

The fourth story in the Digiduck® series, focussing on playing games online. Other themes within the book include peer pressure, password sharing, and in-app purchasing.

There’s a new game that everyone’s playing, and Digiduck wants to join in! With the help of his friends, he explores the magic castle, and they whizz through the levels after a lucky find makes it easier. Digiduck is in for a shock however, when he discovers that the spell ingredients are not the only things hidden in the game…

The aim of this story is to help start conversations between children and adults about many aspects of online gaming, such as:

  • the types of games that young children enjoy playing online and why
  • how to tell if real money can be spent
  • the social elements of gaming with others (e.g., keeping personal information safe)
  • what to do if someone is pressuring you to do something that you are unsure about

Below you will find:

  1. Free to download copies of the full story in English and Welsh.
  2. An e-book of the story in English.

Download the story in English and Welsh

Read Digiduck and the Magic Castle in Greek, published by Saferinternet4kids.gr.

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