For 11-14 year olds

This age group may find the opportunity to spend lots of extra time using their online devices hard to manage. For those who are not yet 13 years old, they may feel extra pressure to join social media to stay in touch with friends. Use our activities below to help them manage their online lives whilst staying at home.

We’ve selected a couple of activities from across our resources to help this group manage their time online, support each other and stay safe too.

1. Family tech check

Ask your child to take notes on what tech you have in your home, which ones have controls or filters on, and how much time your family is spending on each one for a couple of days. Ask them to bring this information with them to a family discussion on how you all agree to use the internet during this time. Our Family Agreement is an easy-to-use guide to having these conversations. By giving your child a key role, they will feel more empowered and invested in following the boundaries you agree together.

Download the Family Agreement here


2. Online identity detective

Ask for your child’s help in looking after your family’s online reputations. They could start by searching their name and those in your family online to see what results come up, or by looking through online gaming and social media accounts. Get them to work with each member of the family to help deactivate old accounts which they no longer use, remove contacts who they no longer wish to keep, and even delete old posts which may no longer be relevant, appropriate or represent who they are!

Find out more on how to control settings and keep information safe here


3. An app a day

Why not use this time together to find out more about what your child likes to do online? Ask your child to run daily tutorials on a different app or game they like for a week. At the end they could write a quiz to test the family’s new-found knowledge.


4. Chatter box

Print off the origami Chatter Box template and follow the instructions to making the Chatter Box. You could also print out a blank Chatter Box and encourage your child to design their own using the logos of apps and emoji they like the most and their own questions about online experiences. When the Chatter Boxes are finished it’s time to get those conversations started so encourage your child to use them with other people in your family, and even with other friends and family over a video call.

Download the Chatter Box template here. This is part of an Education Pack for Safer Internet Day 2019 that can be found here.


5. Enter our Film Competition

Do you have some budding film-makers at home? We have adapted our competition so that young people can enter individually or as a group. This means that for the first time, young people can create this content for themselves at home and enter their chosen category. We have even introduced a new category, 'creating a storyboard,' which doesn't require any film making equipment. 

As with all of our competitions over the years, we will always judge the content on the strength of the message and creativity in delivering it. We understand that young people may not have access to specialist equipment but don't let that stop you. Encourage your teen to get creative with the technology they have, including phones and tablets, or enter our storyboard category and show us their creative ideas that way. 

Find out more about Film Comp 2020 here