Online Body Image

This lesson and accompanying talking heads films explores the topic of body image online. Through the toolkit activities, students will define what body image means to them in a digital age. The activities will explore the pressure on young people to create their own online brands and what impact the internet and social media in particular can have on how young people feel about their bodies. In addition to this there is clear signposting to advice and support for young people who are concerned about body image or online pressures. 

Lesson plan guidance, activities and worksheets:

Talking Heads Films:

The talking heads have been formed from opinions and information we gathered through a series of focus groups conducted across the UK with young people aged 11-16. Each talking head represents a varied viewpoint about online experiences, considering if we can trust everything we see online and how you separate the myths from the reality.

You will find an outline of how to use the talking heads along with follow on discussion questions within the lesson plan. There is guidance for using the talking heads within the 'Guidance for Educators' section of the toolkit. 

Ryan - 'It's just how it is.'

Beth - 'How do I compare?'

Sadie - 'It's what people think.'