A for Action

This section has been developed to help generate discussion about positive actions and strategies young people can take to ensure they thrive online.

  • Why A for Action? Open or Close

    We want to ensure all young people have strategies they can take to ensure they thrive online. Both encountering inappropriate content and the amount of time spent online can have a negative impact on a young person’s wellbeing. This section of the toolkit aims to empower young people to reflect on their own digital wellbeing and understand how to respond to certain situations if they or someone they know encounters them online. It also encourages young people to use the internet for good by taking action and making a positive difference online and through technology.

  • Challenges for young people with additional needs Open or Close

    The internet can be an empowering place for young people with SEND as it allows them to have a voice and offers experiences which they might not otherwise be able to have. However, the things they do online can have a very real impact on their lives offline, both positively and negatively. Young people with SEND will need further help and support in understanding the choices they have online. Young people with additional needs will also need support understanding or recognising appropriate action to take online. Focus should always be put on actions which have a positive outcome rather than no action at all.

What does this section of the toolkit include?

    An introduction and advice for educators on teaching this topic
    Key vocabulary to share with learners
    Starting point discussions to introduce key concepts
    Teaching point activities designed to deliver key messages in a variety of styles
    A quiz for recap and assessment
    Ways to revisit and extend the learning
    A document to share beyond the classroom (with parents, carers and residential staff)

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