Talk it over

A research-led resource designed to support educators in facilitating empathetic, honest, and evidence-based conversations on online hate and how to tackle it with secondary aged pupils.

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    Talk it over has been written for educators and other professionals to use with young people aged 13-17 years old. Parts of the resource are adaptable for younger and older learners.

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    Talk it over includes a slide presentation with four infographics designed to prompt discussion about research findings on the topic of online hate. Each infographic is supported by a separate section of the resource which contains possible discussion questions and two quick activities that can be used to extend the learning. There is also accompanying guidance for educators and a glossary.

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    Research undertaken by Childnet in July 2020 found that the internet continues to be the most likely place for young people to witness hate and that 80% of young people had seen something hateful online aimed at a particular group in the last year. Despite this, nine out of ten young people agreed that no one should be targeted with online hate because of their gender, race, religion, sexuality, disability or transgender identity and 72% of young people believe that people their age have an important role to play in tackling online hate and creating a kinder internet for everyone.

    By sharing the findings from the research, and the real experiences of young people that it represents, this resource can empower even more young people to understand online hate and talk it over. 

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    Talk it over is a resource designed to start conversations to put an end to online hate. If you are interested in other resources in this area, the SELMA hacking hate toolkit is a comprehensive and customisable resource co-created by six organisations including SWGfL, one of our partners in the UK Safer Internet Centre.

    The resource includes:

    • Over 100 easy-to-access and customisable resources for teachers and other professionals working with children and young people.
    • A wealth of flexible and hands-on activities which you can run as one-off sessions to trigger immediate engagement and effect.
    • Clear guidance on how to build more comprehensive and sustained pathways of change.

Download the full resource here or click through to each section below: