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With the UK Governments’ decision in March 2020 to close schools and colleges for the majority of pupils until further notice, and with restrictions on UK travel, we are sadly no longer able to run our education visits in person.

We don't want distance to stop our support reaching parents and carers when they need it most, so we are now offering online training sessions!

In these testing times, parents and carers may be worrying about their child’s internet use more than ever. In 2019, the average amount of time a child spent using a screen was 23 hours a week (Censuswide).

In the lockdown, this has no doubt increased and we know that for many families online safety is suddenly at the forefront of their everyday lives.

This has lead to a lot of questions from parents and carers wanting to know how best to support and protect their child online.

What we can offer:

  • A one hour online safety information session run online, tailored to cover the key challenges facing families during the Covid-19 lockdown
  • Two presenters co-host the session; one presents, one helps handle any questions or tech issues
  • We can make a school/company representative a co-host, so you are aware of who is accepted into the online meeting

How will the training session run?

  • 5 minutes - Introduction and how the session will work
  • 40 minutes - Presentation: risks, advice and practical tips
  • 15 minutes - Questions and useful resources 

Are you a company or organisation?

Why not offer your parent community the chance to attend a ‘lunch and learn’ online training session to support them with family life during lockdown?

Are you a school?

Arranging an online parent session can help safeguard your pupils while they are at home, and using the internet more than ever.

  • How do parents join the online training session? Open or Close

    We will provide a link to an online video call platform prior to the session.

  • How many parents can we invite to join the session? Open or Close

    We can offer a lecture style session for up to 100 parents and carers for which we ask questions be submitted beforehand. We can also offer smaller sessions with up to 30 where we are able to respond to questions during and after the session.

  • Do parents have to turn on their camera and microphone? Open or Close

    No, there is no pressure to do this. While it’s nice to see people’s faces, we know not everyone will want to do this. If anyone wants to ask a question, they can do this using the chat function.

  • Can we have a recording of the session? Open or Close

    We understand some parents won’t be able to join at a particular time, due to work or childcare commitments. For a small additional fee, we can make a recording of the session available for a limited time afterwards, for those parents who wish to catch up later. We will make sure to let everyone in the session know it is being recorded and give them an opportunity to opt out.

  • Should children join too? Open or Close

    Our session is designed specifically for parents and carers, but we know that children and young people may be in earshot or nearby so we tailor our language accordingly.  We will also explain which topic we are about to go into more detail on, so parents have opportunity to mute the session or ensure their child cannot hear.

    We will also show parents where to get further advice around sensitive issues and provide our email addresses so that they can get in touch directly if they need further help.

What else do I need to know?

  • All of our presenters are registered with the DBS update service and receive regular Child Protection training. We can provide details of DBS certification on request.
  • We have different pricing structures for charities, schools and corporate organisations. Get in touch to find out more.
  • We are able to offer evening sessions, depending on time and date. Timings and details can be discussed at time of booking.


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