Interactive staff sessions in schools from September 2016

Posted on 25 August 2016

Ahead of the next academic year, we share the impact of our staff training sessions.  

Throughout the year our Education Team run internet safety sessions across the UK for pupils, parents and carers, and staff members. 

In the last academic year, we spoke to 2,263 staff in educational settings across the country and our evaluation with 296 teachers demonstrates the positive impact these sessions have on the knowledge and confidence of staff.

In our interactive staff sessions we discuss the many positives of the internet and look at the most popular sites and services being used by children and young people today. We discuss e-safety issues that may be affecting your school community, highlighting key e-safety resources for preventative education and advice about how to respond to disclosures. We also provide advice on the importance of protecting your professional reputation.

Staff are more confident and knowledgeable as a result of our sessions

As a result of our session, 99% of respondents said they felt more confident about supporting students online, while 94% said they learned something new.

“Great course, it gave me information to use not only at work but at home into my own children.”

Great delivery, with lots of handy hints!”

Many staff mentioned learning more about privacy settings, as well as understanding more about how young people use the internet.

Inspired to change practice as a result of the session

The majority (81%) also said they would change something about how they support their students as a result of our session. Explaining what they would do differently, one teacher said “I will pick up more on small, but significant, features that I feel the children may not realise.”

Other staff said they would try to create more discussions about online safety in class and some staff explained they would alter their approach to include the positive aspects of the internet, in the hope that their students might open up more. As one teacher said, “I will focus on the positives, as well as on things that could go wrong”.

Book now for this academic year

If you would like to book an interactive staff session for your school or educational setting, please find out more and complete the booking form. We have good availability early January.  

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