Trust Me

Childnet has created a resource which is designed to support teachers in exploring critical thinking online.

The 'Trust Me' resource has been created with teachers in mind after hearing from schools that they wanted a resource which would start the conversations around extremism and extreme online content.

The main aim of this resource is to educate young people around inaccurate and pervasive information that they might come across online. This resource is by no means a solution to the issues that are facing young people online but is intended to stimulate and facilitate discussions around online risk.

Developed in partnership with the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) Safeguarding Board, the resource contains lesson plans for both primary and secondary level that aim to empower educators to discuss how to think critically around the areas of content, contact, and propaganda material that may seek to persuade or change their views.

We have also produced a set of teachers guidance which contains the appropriate background documents for schools and additional content to help you to deliver this resource to pupils. It will give you an overview of the relevant laws online and definitions to support you in answering any questions which may arise during these sessions. 

We hope that teachers will adapt these packs to suit their pupils and have created all the content under a creative commons licence so any changes can be made so they fit the specific needs of each school. 

Packs containing lesson plans, worksheets and guidance

Any feedback from using the resource would be greatly appreciated and can be shared here: