Online Identity

A series of education packs to encourage young people aged 3-18 to explore how they manage their online identity, and how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others.


Each pack contains a selection of resources, including assemblies, lesson plans and quick activities.


Free to be me: Safer Internet Day 2020 research

Read the full report here.


These resources give young people opportunity to focus on:

  • what makes up their online identity -  such as the facts or characteristics about themselves;
  • how others perceive and interact with them;
  • how online services identify them;
  • how offline stereotypes and discrimination are challenged or reinforced online; and
  • whether the internet allows young people to experiment and express themselves, or if they feel limited in who they can be online.

We hope you find these resources useful. Please email us at [email protected] with any feedback. 

Packs to download:

Educators' Guidance documents: